Terms of trade

Product Information:
The properties of the product is stated on ecool.dk. Answering additional information or questions in continuation of the existing information can be obtained at info@ecool.dk

Price changes may occur depending on your order time. If Ecool ApS accepts your order, the buyer will be billed the price applicable on the order date. All prices are shown incl. VAT.

When ordering goods from ecool.dk, the buyer commits to the offer to buy the item on the stated terms and thus does not constitute a direct binding acceptance. The binding agreement does not take effect until the agreement between the buyer and ecool.dk has been concluded in the form of an order confirmation, which means that the buyer accepts the offer made.

Your account information that is collected when purchasing goods is sent directly and securely to PBS via the encryption form (SSL). The amount will be deducted from your account when the item is shipped from ecool.dk.

Return policy:
The buyer can cancel his purchase within 14 days of delivery if it is notified to ecool.dk. The buyer then reimburses the amount received.

The ecool.dk website is operated by:
eCool CVR No: 32324924

PHONE: +45 27 13 20 99,

ADDRESS: Toldbodgade 8 B, 7900 Nykøbing M, Denmark

Subject to change:
Ecool ApS reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions that apply to this website.